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Auburn Football A-Day 2017 Recap: The College and Magnolia Staff Weighs In

I'm not the only one hyped about Jarrett Stidham and the Tigers' A-Day performance. Here's what some of the others on the staff had to say about it.

White Lightning!
White Lightning!
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics

Johnny Dent:

Excited: Passing game

I don't know how you can say anything else. Stidham looked good. Lindsey looks like just what the doctor ordered. And receivers balled out, especially Nate Craig-Myers.

Concerned: O-Line

Looked good in pass pro most of the day but didn't open as many holes for the running backs as I would have liked. Auburn has some great pieces, especially Braden Smith, but we still need to find our O-Line starting five and let them start to "gel" as they say.

Excitement Level: Trying to keep from going full blown Barner mode

I'm a firm believer thinks are never as good as they seem or as bad as they seem. So I don't expect Auburn to be slinging it downfield as often or as successfully as we saw this Saturday. But even so, it looks like Auburn's biggest deficiency on the offensive side of the ball is getting exactly the attention it needs. And that's damn exciting.


It's hard not to be excited about Stidham. He didn't show much, but what he showed was just fine. There were some throws he might not get away with, and he missed a TD to Jason Smith, but the deep balls were near perfect. He gave Craig-Myers a chance to make a play on the ball.

I think Malik Willis is the real wild card. It's like someone took Nick Marshall, sacrificed a little of the speed, but gave him a better feel for passing. He could certainly be a star.

As far as the defense, the first team defense was lights out. Paul James III was giving the 2nd team OL fits. I think we'll be fine in the front 7.

Ryan Sterritt:

I didn't get to see much of the game (being a student is great until teachers schedule tests on the Monday after), but from what I did see and hear, we've got another QB hype train. I think we're all excited about Stidham, but mainly I'm excited that we have more than one quarterback. Not only will Sean be back in the fall, but Malik showed some serious potential, too. He'll redshirt this year, but he's a guy to keep an eye on in a few years even though he wasn't highly recruited.

I know we were thin on running backs with Kerryon getting hurt and Pettway not playing, but the defensive line looked pretty stout up the middle. I know there were some big plays outside, but most of the rushes I saw up the middle didn't get more than 2 yards or so.

It's been hit on, but I think the secondary is a concern. Not this year, necessarily, because our starters are pretty good across the board, but in the coming years. We lose several seniors after this season, and I imagine Carlton Davis will be looking to go pro if he has a decent year. There won't be a ton of experience coming back.

All and all, though, I think there's a reason the computers are ranking Auburn high this year. This is a dang good football team.

Oscar Whiskey:

I certainly have a lot of similar thoughts already stated by several people, so I'll just avoid the redundancy. Resisting taking a ride on the hype train over the next five months is going to take a lot more effort than I would like. Thankfully, we live in a time where there aren't various outlets and machinations that have better things to do with their time than over analyze and speculate. Oh, wait...

Song of Crow:


Emily Rios:

That's the best the team has looked since the Ole Miss game.

Dr. Z:

Love how Stidham looked.  He adds a new element to this offense.  Sean White is a tough dude but even healthy he cannot make those throws.

Willis looks like he is the future and I see the next Nick Marshall written all over him.

Woody Barrett is the odd man out here.  I don't see him ever getting significant playing time.

I love this group on offense.

Defensively the front 7 look salty.  Losing Adams and Lawson is tough, but this group has lots of depth on the D-line.  If the 2's progress at linebacker they will be tough.

I'd like to see the depth at corner be shored up, and we may see another true freshman or two step into that role.

Legatron has my soccer playing 7 year old wanting to be a college kicker, which may be the only way his doctor Mom ever lets him put on a football uniform.

Dusty Miller:

I'm just glad Auburn won the game.
Bask in the glory of that undefeated spring folks!
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