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Auburn Football A-Day 2017 Replay: Watch The Entire Game in 18 Minutes

WarRoom Eagle remains the best. Here is his cut-up of A-Day 2017.

Jarrett Stidham
Jarrett Stidham
Auburn Athletics

Over the last few years, WarRoom Eagle has posted fantastic quick cut-ups of Auburn's offense, defense, and special teams for nearly every single game. He's also done A-Day 2017, now. So, if you missed the game last Saturday, here is the entire game in just over 18 minutes of real time.

So, what stands out after drinking from the fire hose of fast and non-stop football?

1) Jarrett Stidham is just as fantastic as we first thought. Sure, there are some missed throws, but for the most part, he looks the part of a starting SEC Quarterback. He also is definitely not afraid to run the ball. There's always the possibility that he ran as much as he did because he knew he wasn't going to get hit, but I don't think that's the case. He was the #2 Dual-Threat QB in the nation for a reason. He's no Nick Marshall or Cam Newton, but he could easily be someone like Trevor Knight, who gave Auburn fits last year by escaping the rush and gaining a ton of

2) Nate Craig-Myers is looking like a receiver who was top-ranked in the nation at one point. His recruitment was quite the whirlwind of committing, decommitting, and then committing and signing on signing day. Then, he didn't really get to do much during his freshman campaign. If A-Day is any indicator, we're going to be seeing a whole lot of #3 this year.

3) Marlon Davidson is still a freak. A-Day 2016 is where Marlon Davidson announced himself to the world. He showed in this game that he's picking up right where he left off.

4) The defensive line is pretty good. They were stuffing runs all day. We'll see how they look as they rotate players in and out during the games.

5) Malik Willis really was a steal. I forgot just how free he was running on some of these plays where the referees blew the whistle long before contact. He also looked really good in the pocket. He needs to redshirt, but he could very well be the future at QB after Stidham unless Joey Gatewood is ready to play immediately.

6) Malik Miller is the #3 running back. Kam Martin looks like he's put on a bit of weight - which he sorely needed to do - but Miller just has that type of running style that you love to see in an Auburn back. He runs like Pettway and he may be a step or so faster. There's a reason some said he was the best running back on the Madison Academy teams that feature Malik and Kerryon Johnson in the backfield together.

7) Will Hastings could deliver on the practice hype this season. It's obvious that Stidham likes to throw to him, and it's obvious that he has the speed and the moves to do things with the ball once he catches it. What I do worry about is his durability given his size and also his ability to hold on to the football given that he did fumble on one catch.

8) John Franklin III has some work to do at wide receiver. JF3 had a few targets, but he didn't do the best job of catching them. He had probably as many drops as he did catches. If he can catch consistently, then he could take on the role that it looks like Will Hastings is going to end up filling at the moment.

9) This could be a very fun team to watch this season. All of the elements are in place for a great offense. If they can stay healthy and play as they were during the winning streak last season with Stidham's deep ball accuracy and Chip Lindsey's offensive wrinkles and RPOs added and also have a defense equal to last seasons, then the Tigers will definitely be in the hunt by the season's end. It's going to be a long offseason of talk before that first game against Georgia Southern on September 2nd.