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Former Auburn Offensive Coordinator Al Borges Returning to Auburn as Offensive Analyst

The Tigers made a pretty major off-field hiring move, today.

Not the best Borges picture out there, but I couldn't find one in our libraries from when he was at Auburn and this was the best they had.
Not the best Borges picture out there, but I couldn't find one in our libraries from when he was at Auburn and this was the best they had.
Leon Halip/Getty Images

Some very surprising news broke this afternoon by ESPN's Chris Low. A former offensive coordinator is returning to the Plains as an offensive analyst.

So, naturally, the first thing that #AuburnTwitter did was ponder what Mark P., @theauburner, thought. Mark had the perfect response when he returned to Twitter and I'm sure saw his mentions flooded with speculation.

For those who are unaware, back in the early days of sports blog sites, Mark was one of the founders of and ran a little site called* It still exists, although Mark doesn't have the time to create content for it like he used to. Part of that site's early content revolved around the love of Gorgeous Al Borges and his Gulf Coast Offense.

It's an awesome day for one of the Auburn Corners of the Internet's greatest people.

Oh, yeah, maybe we should talk about the actual football part of this.

Why would Al Borges return to Auburn? Since leaving, he's been the offensive coordinator at Michigan and San Jose State. He interviewed for the Notre Dame OC job this year but didn't get it.

Al Borges has always said he loved Auburn. His wife was a big part of bringing the Under Armour contract to the Plains. I've been told that he was a primary candidate for the OC job again at Auburn when Gus Malzahn left and Gene Chizik ended up with Scot Loeffler. At the time, he was in a good spot at Michigan and decided to stay put.

That explains why he would take a spot here at Auburn. Now, why would Gus Malzahn and Chip Lindsey want him as an offensive analyst?

Well, I could go into an extensive list of reasons, but I'll just post this, instead:

If there's anyone who knows how to use a power running game combined with a pass-happy offense, it's Al Borges. Chip Lindsey is the offensive coordinator and will be the primary architect, but can you imagine anyone better at helping him understand how to incorporate multiple running backs into complex passing schemes?

Auburn now has three men on the offensive staff who are responsible for some of the best offenses in Auburn history. I count Chip Lindsey already because he was an analyst for the 2013 team. Yes, Borges eventually resigned as Auburn's offenses lagged, but his offense was curtailed a bit from its first two seasons on the Plains where he was behind some great teams.

Personally, I'm absolutely stoked to think of what this group might be able to come up with.

*If you've never been to it, let me give you a little primer into some of the posts from the site's glory days. You absolutely have to check these out:

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