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Link sAUsage: 19 April 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Christian Camacho
Christian Camacho
Kenny Moss / Auburn Athletics


Auburn will host a few NCAA Championship events over the next few years in Men's Golf, Women's Golf, and Gymnastics.


Another mid-week game that featured a ton of runs. This one wasn't quite as stressful as last week's game, but the Tigers did allow Kennesaw State to work their way back into the game somewhat. The final was still 15-7, though, and featured a huge 12-run inning.


Did you think Auburn was through with playing Anthony Grant coached teams? Well, the Tigers have a home-and-home set up against the Dayton Flyers, now. They'll play at Dayton this coming season and welcome them to Auburn the next.


The Tigers will be hosting their final non-conference game of the year against Kennesaw State tonight.


Brandon Marcello says that Auburn may already have found their #1 and #2 wide receivers even if Kyle Davis makes it back to the team this fall. They were two of the leading receivers during A-Day and look to make a big splash in 2017.

Deshaun Davis had quite a year in 2016 coming out of nowhere to be one of the star linebackers on the team. He wasn't happy with that performance and wants to be even better. Yes, please. Be better. Because then you'll be SUPER AWESOME.

The defensive line thinks it can be even better than last year, too. That's without Carl Lawson and Mon Adams. Sooo... I think Auburn thinks it can be really good on defense, next year. I hope.

So, an Auburn recruiting target says he just wants to go out and be better than his Auburn legacy uncle. If he can be THAT good, then I really hope that Shedrick Jackson ends up signing with Auburn. I really want him to, anyway, because it's always great to have legacy players back and this is one family line that's Auburn royalty.