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Link sAUsage: 21 April 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers take on the Razorbacks in one of the biggest series in quite some time in Auburn. They'll be doing it without one of their ace pitchers, though, who is resting this weekend. Here's the official site's preview. Ours will be up a little later this afternoon.

BASKETBALL takes a look at next year's basketball roster and examines the goals of the team to make the postseason.


What a season for Auburn Softball. Everything keeps going wrong off the field, but the Tigers keep winning on the field, somehow. Here's our series preview for the South Carolina series that also includes the story about three players - including two starters - getting arrested for marijuana possession and missing the weekend.


CROOTIN'! Yep, we have more recruiting coverage for you as AUNerd continues to kill it with putting out recruiting stories for us. It has everything you need to know and it's free!

Auburn has a true freshman linebacker who may contribute early and often as a Tiger. He missed most of the spring with an injury, but he still used his time wisely and found ways to improve to be ready for the fall.

RPOs are going to be something Auburn fans will see a lot more of this year. Jarrett Stidham is a perfect QB to run them, too. One thing is for sure, it's something that can torture defenses like Nick Saban's, so hopefully, it works out.

If you want some potentially good news (although, I don't know how much I believe it), Gus Malzahn still seems to be pretty confident that Kyle Davis will be back for fall camp.