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Link sAUsage: 25 April 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Josh Anthony
Josh Anthony
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


Last night was the annual "AUSPYS" Awards. See which athletes and teams came away with honors during the event!


Josh Anythony was named SEC Player of the Week, yesterday. Of course. He was actually co-player, but who's counting? He had a ridiculous weekend and hopefully will continue playing as he did.

The Tigers take the field tonight against Troy for the last non-conference home game. Hopefully, the bats will be as on-fire in this one as they have the last few mid-week games.

In national polls news... Auburn is doing well. Very well. In fact, Auburn is doing better than it has in almost 15 years. What a team Butch Thompson has put together in Year 2!


Nate Craig-Myers is looking for a breakout season according to ESPN. He's definitely poised for it after his A-Day performance, that's for sure. A-Day performances doesn't always translate to Fall performance, but good hands on a WR are good hands on a WR.

Auburn offered Alex Medary a chance to be a preferred walk-on at H-back. Why is this so special? Well, Alex's father was the surgeon who helped save Herb Hand's life 10 years ago.

The Kick Six will never stop being awesome, and this "Playlist" honoring it is just the best.