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How to Watch the 2017 NFL Draft Live, Online, Time, TV and More

The annual NFL Extravaganza is upon us. When will the first Tiger go? Here's how you can watch!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like watching broadcasters talk for a few hours and pontificate on the possible future of 20-22+ year old former college kids? Well, tonight is your night! Former NFL players and pundits will discuss the merits of each choice in more detail than you can possibly stomach and they'll do it over the course of three nights!

If you're like me, though, you only want to know when former Auburn players get drafted. That's why I'm thankful for things like Twitter. I can follow along and see if an Auburn player is drafted and then fill in and post our draft profiles of said players without having to actually watch it all. I know I'm not going to watch Saturday's rounds. There are Weiner Dog races in Buda, TX just up the road from me in San Antonio and there's no way I'm missing that hilarity.

If you do want to watch it, though, here's the information you need. You can watch it on multiple channels, but I'd recommend NFL Network over ESPN just on general principle. Of course, NFL Network is crazy enough that they're even doing a Red Carpet for this shindig. It's all a bit nuts.

Round 1:

Thursday, 27 April

Time: 8:00 pm Eastern / 7:00 pm Central.

Round 2 & 3:

Friday, 28 April

Time: 7:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Central

Round 4 - 7:

Saturday, 29 April

Time: 12:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Central.

Who Gets Drafted?

So, when will Auburn's players get drafted? Well, it's looking more and more like Carl Lawson will drop to the 2nd round or so. Monty Adams may be around that timeframe, too. So, I doubt an Auburn player gets drafted tonight. It could still happen, though.

Of the Tigers' draft-eligible players, I'm still going with Carl, Monty, and Rudy Ford getting drafted. Robert Leff MAY get drafted, too, in a late round. If not, I don't think he'll have a trouble finding a team to pick him up as an undrafted free agent, though. The same goes with Josh Holsey. Holsey will get a chance, but no one is going to draft him because of his injury history.

We'll find out very soon, though!