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Auburn Baseball Ranked in All College Baseball Polls, Top Ten in Two

The Tigers are ranked the highest they've been in almost 15 years.

Auburn baseball has had quite the season, so far. They swept Florida. They took a series from UGA in Athens. They took a series from South Carolina. They've yet to lose a weekend series.

With those events, the Tigers have gone from a team picked to finish tied for last in the SEC West into a contender for the SEC Championship. They've gone from a team that some had hopes may make it into a Regional to one that is ranked in every major poll. In one poll - Baseball America - the Tigers are the highest-ranked SEC team. They're as high as 7th and only as low as 17th.

That's quite the feat by Butch Thompson in just his second year as head coach. As we noted yesterday, the win over South Carolina without Keegan Thompson makes it even more impressive.

Auburn fans everywhere should be happy about this development. I think Bobby Barkley sums up my thoughts on one thing all of us here at this site are thinking, though:

I still remember back years ago when Jerry Hinnen on his Joe Cribbs Car Wash site mentioned a new site dedicated to Auburn Baseball called Plainsman Parking Lot. I was amazed at what he did there. Since then, he's written a ton of things here at this site starting long before I ever took over running it. He provides all of the amazing infographics. He's the man behind the ranking wrap-up that you see above.

No one I've met cares more about Auburn Baseball than Kevin Ives. He's on the parking deck for virtually every game. If you're not following him on Twitter (@AUPPL) for baseball updates, then get to it! I wish I could be back in Auburn for some games on the deck with him and the rest of the crew up there this season because I can't imagine how much fun this must be for him.

There's still a long way to go in the season, but it sure has been a fun ride, so far. And, with the way this team has found so many different ways to win, I have a feeling it's going to be a whole lot more fun before it's over.

The Tigers take on Georgia Tech tomorrow night at Plainsman Park before going on the road to College Station, TX this weekend.