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Link sAUsage: 5 April 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


So, yeah, I won. The runner-up was Zack with the Tiger Rags bracket. I have no idea what I'll do with the "winning" part of it.


So, it probably didn't have an affect on the game given the final score, but this was hit to right field and ruled a home run. At the time, Auburn had a one-run lead. That's some serious crap, right there:

Want to see something funny to cheer you up? See Auburn's baseball players offering their thoughts on former Tiger David Ross' performance on Dancing With The Stars.


Carlee Wallace's performance against Georgia was very impressive. It was so impressive that she was named the SEC's Player of the Week.

Today's game against Samford in Birmingham has been postponed due to the severe weather rolling through the southeast. Y'all be safe out there.


Kevin Steele met with the media last night. He's always fun to listen to at the podium. See what he had to say, here.

After Saturday's scrimmage, there were reports that Kam Martin may be seeing time at Safety. It made it into some pay-walled reports. Turns out, the source was Martin himself, and it was an April Fool's Joke.