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Chip Lindsey 6 April 2017 Spring Practice Press Conference Recap

Auburn offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey met with the media for the second and final time of the Spring.

Chip Lindsey
Chip Lindsey
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

So, I don't really have the time tonight to watch a recap of the press conference and type up notes, so tonight you're getting the old Tweet-cap version.

There's a bit to unpack, here. It sounds like there's a reason Sal Cannella was as highly rated as he was. I can't wait to see how Lindsey uses him this season.

I'm looking forward to seeing the quarterbacks air the ball out during A-Day. I really want to see Jarrett Stidham throw it deep a lot, and I can't wait to see the way Malik Willis looks. It really sounds like he may quickly become the second best quarterback on campus, and when you think about how good Sean White was when he was healthy, then you know that's high praise and a great sign for the future.

It's nice that Sean isn't on a pitch count anymore. He's not going to be taking part in A-Day, but it's good to know he's well on the way to recovery.

I trust Herb Hand, I really do, but it sounds like the offensive line definitely needs a lot more work. Hopefully, they'll get after it soon.

Let's get to...

The Tweets!!