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Link sAUsage: 10 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Sorry I don't have much for you this morning. The internet was out last night at the hotel and I had to throw this together between my run and leaving for the conference.


Well, that sucked. I know there are some injuries to key players, but still, this was a bad RPI loss. Auburn has got to climb out of the hole at LSU beginning Thursday night if they still want to make any sort of postseason run.


A few Tigers were tabbed for honors once the regular season ended by the SEC. Kaylee Carlson, Kasey Cooper, Carlee Wallace, and Alyssa Rivera all receiverd one or multiple honors from the conference.

The SEC Softball tournament begins today. Auburn plays the winner of South Carolina and Kentucky. That game is 5:00 pm Eastern, today. The Tigers' game will be at 5:00 pm Eastern, tomorrow. I'll have a preview/how to watch post up sometime tonight for it.


Want to know how stupid one of the new recruiting rules is? Because Auburn hired Opelika's head coach as an off-field analyst, they now cannot recruit or sign any players out of Opelika - a very good football school just minutes away - for the next two years. I get part of the reasoning behind that rule, but Gus Malzahn is 100% right that this will stymie the ability of high school coaches to m

Former Tiger Carnell "Cadillac" Williams is going into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. He definitely deserves it!