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Link sAUsage: 15 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

So, sorry about the lack of posts last week and over the weekend. I was on a road trip, the hotel internet sucked, I only had my work computer with me which doesn't like to work on this site, and if I'm being perfectly honest, I just needed a break. Possibly a longer one. We'll see. I just really haven't felt like writing or messing with it much, recently. It didn't help that the weekend wasn't very fun for Auburn sports, either.


Auburn featured a series of articles on its female head coaches. They talked to Women's Soccer coach Karen Hoppa, Women's Tennis coach Lauren Spencer, and Women's Basketball coach Terri Williams-Flournoy.


The Tigers didn't have a good series in Baton Rouge. The bats were non-existent and the normally solid pitching wasn't up to normal standards, either. Auburn was swept by LSU in a Thursday through Saturday series.


The Tigers failed in their bid to win a third straight SEC Tournament title as they fell to LSU in the semifinals. It was another of those strange days in which Auburn's defense committed multiple errors in one inning.

Still, though, with all that Auburn is a national seed and will host a Regional. They're also set up for a really interesting rematch in the Super Regionals should the two seeded teams advance that far.


For the second year in a row, Auburn's women tennis is in the Sweet Sixteen. They defeated DePaul and Florida State in the first two rounds. They'll next face #7 Texas Tech in the next round. Auburn won the first meeting a few months back.


You may have missed AUNerd's CROOTIN' feature on Auburn Linebacker coach Travis Williams. There were questions about T-Will being promoted to such a position last year, but he proved his worth on the field with his 2016 corps. He's also been proving his worth off the field in recruiting, too.

2018's final non-conference opponent was announced over the weekend in a really strange way. The news was broken by the President of the United States in a speech at the school in question, Liberty*

Well, crap, just go ahead and put a wrap on the 2017 season. It's hopefully. Lee Corso thinks Auburn is a team to watch out for.

Athlon Sports ranked the SEC's mascots and LOLSURE, the 9-time Mascot National Champion and Mascot Hall of Fame member Aubie wasn't even in the top half.

*I swear, if any of you talk about anything other than the football aspect of this, I'm liable to ban you. Let's not take this into the many controversial places it could go.