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Link sAUsage: 17 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Michael Chang/Getty Images


The Tigers have two open scholarship spots going into the 2017-18 season. Does that concern the coaches? Not Chuck Person, apparently. That's not to say they won't add another player or two if someone comes along, though.


Auburn is in a 3-way tie for third in the 2nd round of the NCAA Regional in West Lafayette, IN.


Pat Dye thinks Auburn should be in the SEC East. So, we discussed the same topic in great detail.

So, I would have gone crazy attempting to do this (and I would go crazy trying to read it since it's a huge slideshow), but Brandon Marcello ranked every scholarship player on Auburn's football roster. That's a lot of ranking.

There are pundits out there who are fairly high on the Tigers as we approach the 2017 football season. One of them is Booger McFarland.

Remember that survey on staff size? Well, someone at is actually

In former Tiger news, the Washington Redskins are quite thrilled with Josh Holsey, so far. Out of all the players from last year, I have to say I'm pulling for Holsey the most.