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How to Watch 2017 NCAA Softball Auburn Regional Day 2

It's Day 2 of the Auburn Regional. Maybe.

Whitney Jordan
Whitney Jordan
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics

We've reached Day 2 of the Auburn Regional with Auburn and California winning on Day 1 and facing off in the first game of the day. East Tennessee State and Notre Dame will play the elimination game afterward, followed by the next elimination game.

That's what might happen. You see, there's a big chance of rain on the Plains, today, which means the NCAA's really weird rules on weather in the Regionals may come into play. If you need an update, here you go:

0 games: Highest seed advances.

1 game: Highest seed advances.

2 games: Highest undefeated seed.

3 games: Highest undefeated seed.

4 games: Highest seed.

5 games: Highest undefeated seed.

6 games:  Winner of Game 6 unless each team has one loss, therefore the teams are tied, then head-to-head competition is the first tiebreaker and highest seed the second.

Right now, Auburn would advance if no more games are played. Winning the early game - should it be played since there's a 45% chance of thunderstorms at game time of the first game - is paramount for the Tigers to stay in that position to advance no matter what happens.

Auburn Regional Day 2

So, there's your picture of who is playing and when courtesy of the NCAA's website.  As for what channel it will be on... I have no idea at the moment. Made you click?

Update: Auburn is on ESPN2 this morning.

I promise I'll update this as soon as I can with the relevant information for TV. You'll definitely be able to watch it on WatchESPN, though.

Auburn will face Cal in the first game of the winner's bracket. As you can see above, Cal won the other game 6-2 over Notre Dame. That was a bit of a surprising result on the one hand given where they finished in their respective conferences, but you have to remember that the PAC12 is a much stronger conference than the ACC, so maybe it shouldn't have been. It's a bit unfortunate, as an Auburn vs Notre Dame matchup in ANY sport is a rarity.

The Fighting Irish will take on the Buccaneers of East Tennessee State. It was interesting to see the way ETSU handled the 4th inning against the Tigers, yesterday. They kept swapping pitchers out as they realized they needed to keep to their good pitchers fresh for the elimination game as Auburn rocked them.

Auburn's bats came alive in a big way in the 4th inning, today. Hopefully, that continues over to tomorrow. It should, anyway.