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Link sAUsage: 31 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kasey Cooper
Kasey Cooper
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics

A ton of things happened since the last time I posted anything on here. My parents were in town over the Memorial Day weekend, so I pretty much just stayed away from writing anything at all other than the Regional announcement. Let's get caught up on some of them.


By now, you should be well aware that Auburn is once again heading to the Tallahassee Regional. Auburn has played in Tallahassee for a Regional 8 times and a Super Regional once. That's 9 of Auburn's 20 postseason trips. Can we please go somewhere else if we don't host?

See what the Tigers had to say about making the postseason in Butch Thompson's second year as head coach and what it means to them.


The men started off strong in the NCAA Tournament but faded as time went on. They were in a position to make the match-play portion going into the final day, but the windy Chicago-area weather knocked them out of that final portion of the tournament. They finished with a 4th best school finish of 11th.


The ladies fell to Oklahoma in the Super Regional - one Clint Myers was openly unhappy about being created simply for good TV (Oklahoma deserved to be a Top 8 seed, not the 10th and paired with Auburn's Regional). I'll have more on this sometime soon.

Kasey Cooper finished her record-setting Auburn career last weekend. She'll leave behind a huge legacy and big shoes to fill. In terms of her impact on her sport at Auburn, she ranks up there with Bo, Barkley, and others.


Football never ends. After hearing about how running backs may be used to catch passes more this year, AUNerd decided to take a look at how he utilized his running backs in the passing game at his other stops as a coordinator.

Auburn fans and plenty of pundits are excited about Auburn's 2017 team. One group that isn't so high on Auburn, though, is Las Vegas.