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Link sAUsage: 5 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Cole Lipscomb earned a pretty big honor for his on-field and off-field work as a CoSIDA Academic All-District Team member.

The Tigers are in town against Alabama this weekend. Here's the official site's preview. Ours will be up just after 10:00 am Central.

The team knows what is at stake going forward, and they know that if they keep playing together and having fun that this special season can get even more special.


Do you miss features on the basketball team? Well, check out this video!


The men are heading to the NCAA Regionals. They'll be playing in a 13 team regional in West Lafayette, IN.


The ladies are in Tuscaloosa this weekend. Here's the official site's preview. Ours will be up shortly after 2:00 pm Central.


Sure, I featured it yesterday in the link dump, but Son of Crow's take on a SpamBot reviewing Auburn's spring practice is hilarious and deserves to be seen again and again.

It's that time of the week... CROOTIN'!! AUNerd updates us on Auburn's QB recruiting as it's looking more and more like Auburn is going to go after more than one in this cycle.

Chip Lindsey was once a high school history teacher and that teaching background has helped him rise through the ranks as a coach. History teachers are just the best.

One thing Chip Lindsey may already know one big piece of the offense even if he doesn't know who the starting QB will be [Ron Howard Voice: He does]. He may have already decided on the starting rotation of Auburn's wide receivers.

Speaking of wide receivers, what's the story with Kyle Davis? No one really seems to know. We do know that Gus Malzahn says he's on track to return to the team this summer. We'll see.

Darrell Williams often gets overlooked in Auburn's linebacker corps. AuburnUndercover is here to tell you that you shouldn't be doing that. I know I'll be pulling extra hard for him, now. His uncle is one of the NCOs I work with.

Gus Malzahn took part in the annual Chick-fil-A charity classic golf tournament earlier this week. As a result, Chick-fil-A will be donating $25k to Auburn charities.