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Link sAUsage: 09 May 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kaylee Carlson
Kaylee Carlson
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

Sorry for the lack of a link dump, yesterday. With how late the baseball game ended and the fact I was packing for a work trip and then on flights all morning, I just didn't have the chance to put anything together. This week may be a bit sparse, too, depending on what I can put together from the hotel when my day is done at this conference. I can't have my phone where I'm going, so hopefully nothing big breaks in the news.


One more non-conference game remains for the Tigers. This one is in Birmingham against UAB. Auburn will look to rebound following last weekend's horrible sweep.


Kaylee Carlson picked up honors as the "Pitcher of the Week" for the SEC following her Friday night performance and then Saturday save against Alabama.


The Tigers are down another QB as Woody Barrett announced his intentions to transfer from Auburn. I think we all saw this coming with Malik Willis seemingly moving ahead of him at A-Day and Auburn looking to bring in two high-caliber recruits in the next recruiting cycle at the position.

Two off-field staffers - sometimes thought of as Gus' "right hand men" resigned, yesterday. One is set to help Gus and his wife start some form of charitable foundation. I'm not sure about the other one.

In "awesome former player news," Corey Grant returned to the Plains and finished up his degree, graduating last weekend.

In general college football news, the early signing period in December - a 72 hour window - has now officially been approved. What will that mean? We'll see. There are so many different variables that will go into who will sign during that period and who schools will send LOIs to in order for them to sign. I'm betting it's just going to be the really big names who are ready to end the recruiting process. This is not going to end those 3* players who schools give grey-shirt offers to at the last second because I doubt the schools send an LOI to them. It could, however, help those lower-level guys see who really wants them. If, say, a school that wears a shade of red doesn't send an LOI to someone in that December time frame, then maybe that player will start thinking about looking elsewhere because they know they're not a big priority.