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Link sAUsage: 1 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Drew is back with more thoughts on things you can do to help you get through the offseason.


Auburn made it into the NCAA postseason. Now, they'll be leaning on the pitching staff to attempt to make a deep run. In this format, having aces like Keegan Thompson and Casey Mize - and Davis Daniel when he's on his game - makes Auburn a very dangerous team.


Haley Fagan will be joining her sister in the professional softball ranks. She signed a contract with the Akron Racers, yesterday.


Tre Williams' high school coach thinks he's going to be a "totally different player this fall." I don't know that I really want him to be a totally different player. He was a heck of a player last year!

Auburn's game against Alabama is listed as one of the key SEC games of 2017 according to ESPN. They're certainly placing a lot on the game. I hope they're right.

We have a game time for an Auburn football game in 2017! The Tigers will face the Tigers of Clemson in prime time. I'm terrified the opening game against Georgia Southern is going to be the 11 am SEC Network game.

History is within the grasp of Daniel Carlson in 2017. He's just 59 points away from claiming the all-time leading scoring title for the SEC. He averages twice that amount. Of course, he also has had to kick a lot of field goals. Something Auburn fans hope he's not having to do in 2017.

Auburn has finalized the 2019 football schedule by agreeing to a game against MAC team Kent State.

Former Tiger Stephen Davis Jr is heading to South Carolina after leaving the team. That's unsurprising given Muschamp and T-Rob were a big part of recruiting him.

Jay Jacobs seems to be stirring the "Auburn to the SEC East" pot. It's not going to happen, but sure, let's keep going down that road.