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Link sAUsage: 13 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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He posted it in the middle of the night/morning so that I didn't even notice it until much later, but Drew still got in an Offseason Survival Guide for you! You'll just have to double up his suggestions for next weekend.


Butch Thompson has found his man to replace former assistant coach - and now Alabama head coach - Brad Bohannon. He's bringing another former Auburn assistant back to the Plains by hiring Karl Nonemaker from ODU.

The MLB Draft is ongoing. The first Auburn signee off the board was JUCO pitcher Evan Steele with the 73rd pick by the Kansas City Royals. That potentially bodes well for Auburn as it could mean most of the high-ranked signees have indicated that they plan to go to college. Of course, we're still early in the draft, so there's still plenty of money on the table for the signees who still may get picked.


On one hand, it sounds like Bruce is setting some high expectations by saying this will be the best basketball team he's had at Auburn. On the other hand, one quick look at the roster will tell you that he's 100% correct.


A former Tiger is hanging up his football cleats as long-time Philadelphia Eagle and San Diego Charger King Dunlap announced his retirement from the NFL, yesterday.

All eyes will probably be on the QB spot in terms of "position race" early in fall camp because it's the more visible. The far more important - and, let's face it, intriguing since QB is all but locked up - race is for the offensive line, where there are a ton of options to choose from and many of them can play different positions.

Justin Ferguson wants to know who the best Auburn linebackers are in the schools' history. I have to admit to recency bias in this one, as I'm not too aware of the history of Auburn linebackers. I've missed out on a few of his posts, lately. For edge rushers, he picked Antonio Coleman and Quentin Groves. Those are hard to argue with, but, again, recency bias plays a part.