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Link sAUsage: 14 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


So, things are going pretty well for Auburn in the MLB Draft, so far. Two of the Tigers' top prospects who were expected to be drafted pretty high decided they're going to go to Auburn and two current Tigers heard their names called by Major League organizations.

This isn't about Auburn baseball, but dang it, the guy who became an internet sensation in the Atlanta Braves "Beat the Freeze" promotion when he face planted because he thought he'd won is from Auburn.


247Sports says that having two Tigers a part of the USA Basketball U19 tryouts is a sign of significant progress. I certainly don't remember any previous Tigers being a part of that, so I would have to agree.


Carlton Davis is getting some preseason love from ESPN in an article about which DBs in the SEC may hit a particularly impressive milestone during the 2017 season.

When it comes to switching divisions, Missouri is content to stay in the SEC East. Well no shit. They've been to the SEC title game multiple times from that division only because it's been the far weaker one in the conference since they joined, so of course, they're happy to stay there.

Antwuan Jackson isn't thrilled that Auburn is restricting his transfer opportunities. The Ohio State one is still weird, honestly, and reeks of some tampering before he was officially released, but that's just pure speculation.

Remember 5* QB Justin Fields? Well, he's going to be on campus, soon, for a visit. That's huge for the Tigers.

Who are Auburn's best defensive backs in team history? That's what is asking, now. I 100% agree with Carlos Rogers being in there. He's a Thorpe Award winner, after all.

Pat Dye is talking, again, which - kinda like Charles Barkley - is just one of those things you wish wouldn't happen sometimes. This time, he's talking about what it would take for Auburn to match Alabama's "tradition." Personally, with the exception of the national titles (which we could certainly claim a few more), I'm just fine with our tradition vs there's. I really don't give a crap about Alabama, personally. I'm perfectly happy celebrating Auburn without worrying about where we compare to Alabama, the SEC, or the nation.