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Link sAUsage: 2 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Conor Davis
Conor Davis
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics


Regional play begins today. Here's the official site's preview. Here's our short preview and how to watch, as well!

During the day, yesterday, it was announced that Auburn is losing an assistant coach. Brad Bohannon was tabbed by the hated Tahd to be their head coach. Alabama recently fired their head baseball coach after just one year that saw him have one of the worst records in SEC history (and it would probably have been the worst if they hadn't swept Auburn. Ugh.). That wasn't the main reason for his firing, though. It really sounded like a situation very familiar to Auburn fans following the first year of the Sunny Golloway tenure.

Baseball is referred to as one of the three "revenue" sports. So, just how much revenue does it bring in? Well, it turns out that for over half of the SEC, the answer is that far more money goes out than goes in. broke it down by program and showed just how much baseball costs most schools.


I somehow missed that Auburn Basketball's opponents for the 2017-18 season were finalized, yesterday. Dates and times are still to come, but we at least know who all Auburn will be playing.


I wrote a little something about Softball and the legacy left behind by the players from the last few seasons.


Another coach left Auburn for a big rival, today. Former TE coach Scott Fountain accepted a job with UGA today as his contract at Auburn ran out. I think it's safe to say Fountain wasn't thrilled with being moved off the field.

Former Tiger Antwuan Jackson says Auburn is blocking his transfer to any team in the SEC, Clemson, and Ohio State. That's fairly standard practice, honestly. I'm not saying it's right, but it's nothing different from what we see elsewhere. I'm a bit shocked at the Clemson and Ohio State part, though.

One of Auburn's signees in 2018 grew up a huge fan of Alabama. He didn't want to even visit Auburn. It's not like Alabama wasn't recruiting him, either. Somehow, the Tigers flipped his loyalty and earned his signature.