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3-star WR Shedrick Jackson Commits to Auburn

The Tigers landed another instate WR and the legacy of a somewhat famous AU figure.

Shedrick Jackson Twitter:

A few weeks ago, I predicted that Jackson would commit to the Tigers at Big Cat Weekend. Turns out I was a few weeks early.

The Hoover native and nephew of AU great Bo Jackson announced he was committing to Auburn this morning.

This kid is already one of my favorite players of the class due to the fact he’s willing to go to a school who has a statue of a family member outside the stadium. Those are big shoes to fill and every time his name is brought up more than likely so will Bo’s. Heck, I did it in the third sentence. But despite all that, the Hoover native decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and become an Auburn Tiger. Jackson chose Auburn over Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Memphis.


Scouting Report

Jackson is a big time deep threat. Hoover loves to use him to stretch defenses vertically. The 6’2" 200 lb wideout has a great combination of size and speed that makes him tough to handle in on one on situations. I also like the fact that he already takes pride in his run blocking, something not often found in high school WRs. Barring a big-time senior season, I doubt Jackson climbs too far up the rankings but he’s a kid with great potential. No, he isn’t the second coming of Bo Jackson as a WR but he is a very talented kid in his own right who I think could make a great weapon in this offense in the future.

The Class

Jackson is Auburn’s 7th commitment of the 2018 class and technically the 2nd WR commit. I say technically because it’s sounding more and more like Kolbi Fuqua will end up at safety. The Tigers are hoping Jackson is the first in a run of commitments this summer with many top targets planning to make their decision in August.

War Eagle Shedrick!