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Link sAUsage: 8 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

The lack of my feedly I pull from working, internet being bad in the hotel, and my work computer not very conducive to working with this site (and I really hate bringing two computers with me on these trips) means you get a very short link dump, today. But, hey, I put a lot of words into it, anyway! There just aren't that many links.


I wrote a brief retrospective on the 2017 Auburn Baseball season, yesterday. It was quite a year for the Tigers filled with some crazy highs and lows, expectations and doubts, and, in the end, heartbreak at how close they were to making the season even more special.


I've been a bit behind on linking to these, but Justin Ferguson is doing a "best [position] in Auburn history" voting thing at They've already gone through QBs and RBs. Now he's doing WR/TEs. That one is really where I can see some nostalgia skewing things. I love Lutzie as much as anyone, but if we're going down the line of "best TEs in Auburn history," then there are a few I'd probably pick before him.

I don't have much else, so let's talk about Bob Stoops retiring out of nowhere. That's nuts. The timing of it is so weird, but maybe they knew it was coming very soon and that's why Lincoln Riley didn't even consider another move in the offseason. You have to hope nothing is wrong with Stoops' health, which he says it isn't, but there are plenty of questions about the time and how he's resigning after botching a ton of the handling of the Joe Mixon situation. Maybe he's just tired of it all. Maybe he's going the Gene Chizik route and at 56 years old realizes he has a ton of money, not much more he needs to accomplish after 18 years at Oklahoma, and he wants to enjoy life. That's what he seems to be claiming/implying, anyway. In this day and age it's nuts that any coach spends 18 years at one school.