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Link sAUsage: 9 June 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jarrett Stidham takes a snap at A-Day.
Jarrett Stidham takes a snap at A-Day.
Auburn Athletics

I'm travelling today, so there may not be much on here until late afternoon. That's pretty much been the norm for a while, though. It's been a fun week in Colorado Springs, though, since the conference ended at lunch on Thursday and I got a chance to go visit the Air Force Academy (which felt wrong as an Army Officer) and did the insane thing of hiking the Manitou Incline. 2k feet elevation gain in less than a mile. I don't want to even look at stairs, right now.


Casey Mize picked up a post-season accolade as he was named 3rd Team All-American by Baseball America. Not bad for a guy who missed a few weekends with some arm soreness.


Are we talking about Recruiting? You bet we are! Get caught up on Big Cat Weekend! Make sure you have some time for that one, because it's quite a long article.

What does the 'Bama Ginger think of Jarrett Stidham? He likes him a lot, actually. After initially disliking him - maybe just because he's from Alabama - I've actually come to not mind Greg McElroy as an analyst. He mostly seems pretty fair with his assessments.

There are still two freshmen yet to report, but for those who are on campus, we've got jersey numbers and measurements! Calvin Ashley needs to lose a bit of weight, and another defensive lineman will be wearing the #1.

Meanwhile, Kyle Davis is getting back to his old self in the weight room, which is fantastic news. Having him back with the team is huge for this young corps of receivers.

Auburn added another off-field staffer to help with behind the scenes stuff in recruiting. His background is... interesting... considering we're hiring him for recruiting. He's coming to us from Texas, but where he was before that and his alma mater makes this a very intriguing move.

Things don't look good for the future of Nick Fairley's football career. When you're seeking a 3rd opinion in hopes that someone will tell you that you can still play, that's never a good sign. As much as I want to see Big Nick on the field, again, his life is much more important than football.