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Link sAUsage - The Big Freeze

Hugh Freeze resigns from Ole Miss

So, you all have to have already seen the news about Hugh Freeze resigning from the head coaching job at Ole Miss after using a university phone to call an escort service. With everything that was swirling regarding NCAA investigations, it’s odd that this is the bit that did him in. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

It all started with this:

With then became this:

Which was brought about because of this:

Want more? Don’t cross Houston Nutt, apparently... he’ll work his inane magic to make you pay.

How does this affect Auburn at the moment? Well, in the immediate sense...

Yes, the Ole Miss presser preempted Auburn’s SEC Network Takeover coverage, but things were still back in full swing in time for you to see the Tigers beat Oregon. I believe we missed some of the Georgia game from 2013, so here are those highlights just in case you were craving that this morning.

As for the actual play on the field, obviously nobody knows how Ole Miss will rally around their interim coach, Matt Luke. Luke was a center at Ole Miss from 1995-1998, and he’s spent his time since graduation at Murray State, Tennessee, Duke, and now Ole Miss once again as co-offensive coordinator turned interim head coach. Luke has at least been present for Ole Miss’ wins over Alabama recently, so maybe he can rekindle some of that magic this year. He’s still got Shea Patterson to work with, so he’s got some tools, but I don’t think many people are going to expect much from the Rebels this season. This is a giant distraction, to put it mildly.

And to make things worse, it’s not like Freeze’s absence will burn off the NCAA cloud hanging over Oxford. The kinds of allegations levied against the school are still going to have to be addressed.

For the final word on this matter (at least today), one of our favorites has the dagger.

Back to Auburn, James Crepea has continued his early scout on some of the Tigers’ opponents... let’s get Mercer, Missouri, and Mississippi State. Ole Miss should be coming up next, but that may take a little while to concoct.

Kam Pettway was named to the Doak Walker Award watch list:

And check out this piece from the Montgomery Advertiser on the capitol city native Daniel Thomas. Obviously, Thomas improved greatly this year, finishing the regular season with a pair of picks in the Iron Bowl. Looks like even more work’s coming his way in 2017.

It’s definitely almost football season. War Eagle!