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Link sAUsage: Basketball, Stidham, Cam

July 27th, 2017

We’re now less than Daniel Carlson days until kickoff, and July is running thin on us quickly, so check out what’s going on around the web!

There’s a good bit of basketball news today, including a piece on Mustapha Heron talking about his comeback from an early offseason stress fracture, a list of the teams that Auburn will play when Bruce Pearl takes his bunch to Italy in a couple weeks, and finally, a call from Pearl to help Auburn fill out its nonconference basketball schedule.

Back on the gridiron, everyone’s expecting big things from Jarrett Stidham this season, even going so far as to say he may be the chosen one destined to dethrone the evil Crimson King across the state. Barrett Sallee at least thinks he’s the most important player in the league for 2017.

From a current Tiger quarterback to a former one, it’s still evident that Cam Newton loves what he does and the people around him...

Cam was back on the field for the Panthers as training camp began. Even after fairly recent surgery, Newton could be found zipping passes around and getting into the fun of the opening day of camp.

In other news, here’s a preview of this year’s Arkansas game, in which the Hogs will try to exact revenge for the 56-3 beating that Auburn gave them last October.

And in a senior spotlight, here’s a look at Darius James, a guy that could end up being a huge factor on the offensive line this season.

Happy Thursday, War Eagle!