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Link sAUsage: Wait, More Basketball? It’s July!

July 28, 2017

Tomorrow marks five weeks until kickoff, so it’s only fitting that we have little of football substance to send your way, and more from the hardwood and Bruce Pearl’s bunch, who will be heading to Italy in the next couple of weeks!

There were some incredibly early BPI rankings that came out yesterday from ESPN. For those that don’t know, BPI is a ranking system designed by ESPN that takes into account a bunch of different little pieces of information — missing players, pace of play, etc. Anyway, check the rankings, and look specifically at #24.

Elsewhere, Auburn’s been practicing for their trip to Italy. We know about Austin Wiley’s performance in Egypt, but what about some of the other guys on the team that might be starting to stand out more?

On the women’s side, a recent former Tiger got some big news as well!

And then as we transition back to football, it’s time to check today’s look an at early scouting report. We’ve got Texas A&M on this Friday... we know the Aggies got Auburn in Jordan-Hare Stadium last year and things did not feel stable after the loss, but now A&M is trending downward, Auburn’s on the rise, and the game is in College Station, where Auburn’s 2-0 since A&M joined the league.

Finally, just for fun, check out this list of the 100 greatest football games of all time. There’s both happiness and misery in the top twenty for Auburn, so tread carefully.

36 days to kick! War Eagle!