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Link sAUsage: Assistant Coaches!

August 11, 2017

Tomorrow marks three weeks until kickoff against Georgia Southern. The time is just dripping away at this point, and game week will be here ‘fore yew know it.

As for what’s going on right now, the Auburn world has plenty of news for you!

First of all, yesterday was PICTURE DAY!

Man, look at that coordination.

The Tigers are set to scrimmage again tomorrow, and after holding out some defensive linemen last weekend, they may be back in time for the action.

However, one of the guys vying for a key backup spot at this point on the offensive line may not be ready to go tomorrow when the Tigers play themselves.

We were able to get some words from the assistant coaches yesterday as they met with the media...

But one thing that we’ve feared is the extension of the battle for the punter spot. It’s still on-going, and expanding in scope.

But, in an area where Auburn needed depth, they’ve gotten a nice bonus with a position change paying off so far through fall practice...

And while some anonymous coaches called Nick Saban overrated, they mostly had good things to say about Auburn.

Until later, War Eagle!