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Saturday Morning sAUsage: NFL

August 12, 2017

Tail Lights during his time at Auburn. He’s up to the same at the next level.

Happy Saturday! We’re officially three weeks away from the first full Saturday of college football. BUT, we’ve still got tons to figure out in terms of practice, the depth chart, and a few key position battles. In fact, the Tigers are scrimmaging today, so we’ll have the word from Gus Malzahn in just a bit when he meets with the media.

For now, here’s what happened over the last 24 hours or so from around the Auburn corners of the Internet. Let’s start with the NFL:

Doesn’t that look familiar. Love the nod to Rod Bramblett with his Twitter handle as well.

And let’s not try to find this poor English teacher and blast the judgment, but very recent former Tiger Josh Holsey seems to be doing alright.

Holsey’s been getting praise from guys like DeAngelo Hall in training camp, so his NFL prospects at this point look pretty solid. Always good to see.

As for current Auburn players, in particular the offensive line (which has a stellar battle going on right now for the five starting slots), there’s one guy who’s trying to lock down a spot and would almost definitely become a fan favorite should be grab that starting job.

In this search to find the best possible combination up front, offensive line coach Herb Hand has resorted to an interesting way of looking at things.

There is no spoon.

On the other side of the ball, here’s a little insight on Rodney Garner and his tough attitude to coaching and trying to find his own magic combo.

And if you’re interested in the fates of some of Auburn’s newest Tigers, we may be seeing some of the true freshman sooner than you think.

Across the pond, Bruce Pearl’s bunch is enjoying an Italian vacation! They’ve now run their mark to 2-0 over there with another win (not by such a big margin this time, however).

Stick around and check out the news and notes from Auburn’s latest scrimmage that’s set for today. We’ll have Malzahn’s words from the podium after he meets with the media. Until then, War Eagle!