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Fall Scrimmage #2: Afterthoughts

Stuff’s starting to solidify on the Plains...

Auburn scrimmaged for the second time this fall earlier today, and Gus Malzahn just met with the media to dole out some tidbits from the morning’s action. Let’s just fill you up with tweets.

Considering the uncertainty Auburn’s got at the punter spot, and how Malzahn addressed that with an odd note of urgency and concern at SEC Media Days, it might be the biggest unknown for the Tigers at this point...

This is exciting news — not sure there’s a faster guy than Franklin on the team. Give him a hole and he’ll be gone.

A little different from last time out when the defense got some interceptions, so good to see the offense rebound.

The injury news is the best we’ve seen so far. If Auburn can go into game one healthy, it’ll be wonderful. It seems like Auburn’s had a big fall injury for a few years in a row.

Music to our ears. Lock it down, Shannon.

Most of the prevailing thought is that Stidham will take the starting role, as it’s been since he transferred in, but it seems like Sean White’s making the decision a little more difficult than we previously thought it would be.

Barrett’s the name we’ve heard most out of the new guys looking to be that third back. He’s got a good mixture of size and speed and could very well add a different element than Kam/Kerryon.

If Prince Tega wins the left tackle battle, it’ll open up a lot of fun possibilities on the line. James at right tackle, Smith moving back inside where he flourished last year, Golson at center, and a ton of options at left guard.

This feels good to see Cowart settling in somewhere. We’ve touched on the issues he faced early in his career, and if he can flourish inside, let’s go.

I think the receivers will be a special group this year. There’s way too much talent for them not to have a breakout year, and this is the offense (and the quarterback) that can raise them to the next level.

And once more. Bang.

More to come from the practice fields! Until then, War Eagle.