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Link sAUsage: And in the Morning, I’m Makin’ Waffles!

August 17, 2017

Wade Rackley - Auburn Athletics

With a starting quarterback named and a starting punter named, and the offensive line whittle down to a couple of choice combinations, it was time for Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn to find a way to motivate his players even further. Or maybe he was just trying to find a way to distract them from viewing the leaked Game of Thrones episode that dropped online yesterday. Either way, he turned to an old standby of his as a way to reward the players last night.

Waffle. Freakin’. House. Food. Truck. I didn’t even know that was a thing! Goodness, if this isn’t a good harbinger for the season, I don’t know what is...

Anyway, as for actual football news, we got to hear from Chip Lindsey last night -- you can check out some of his quotes and clips from the players as well here — and he dropped some info about the offensive line and Sean White.

As for the guys up front... One of Auburn’s prospective starters at left tackle is Prince Tega Wanogho, the mammoth former defensive lineman from Montgomery. He met with the media as well yesterday.

“I’ve got the need to protect” is something you’d more likely here from Liam Neeson in Taken 4 (they stopped with 3, right?).

Sean White also stopped by, and it was very good to hear from the former starter on a couple of subjects, but mainly his viewpoint as the backup to Jarrett Stidham and how he’s still All In for the Tigers... great to hear.

As for other offensive cogs, Auburn’s going to use Sal Cannella in some interesting ways this season... I just hope this doesn’t foil the element of surprise going in.

And oh darn, another high ranking for Auburn University as a whole.

More coming later! Until then, War Eagle!