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Link sAUsage: Commits!

August 18, 2017

Tomorrow marks two weeks until kickoff, so you would’t imagine that recruiting would be really rolling at the moment, but Auburn’s continued to nab recruits left and right in the month or so leading up to the season.

Last night:

And that elicited one of these:

That is how you say it? That’s a Boom?

Yeh just say ‘Boom’...

Anyway, Auburn’s bolstered its recruiting class even further before the year starts with the addition of Matthew Hill. You can get a good read about him in, and take in some video by checking out our own AUNerd’s article from last night’s commitment.

In NFL news, Peyton Barber got some work with the Bucs last night, carrying the ball nine times for 42 yards. Across the field, it was Corey Grant rushing for the Jags. Grant didn’t have a great game last night, but there’s still a case for him to be higher up in the rungs of ballcarriers for Jacksonville.

Speaking of former Tigers, Chad Slade is making his presence felt in Houston, helping protect Deshaun Watson.

Jarrett Stidham’s been getting the media play this week after the announcement came down on Monday that he’d be the starter, and he visited with the SEC Network yesterday.

And there was good news for a couple of Stidham’s potential targets! Walk-on wide receivers Will Hastings and Griffin King can no longer be called walk-ons. There’s no video of a creative announcement for them earning scholarships yet, but I can only assume Gus hid the letter under a pile of Waffle House hashbrowns and let each guy eat their way to it.

We’ve got more preseason prediction news. If you read our Countdown to Kickoff article tomorrow, you’ll learn why these are BAD. BAD. Still, it’s fun to read about. Athlon has big things in store for Auburn.

In other news, Auburn soccer kicks off the season tonight at home! The Tigers will play two non-conference games this weekend, starting tonight with South Alabama at 6:30, and finishing with Lipscomb on Sunday evening.

The best grounds crew in the country is doing work ahead of tonight’s game.

Get out and paint your face and enjoy some soccer tonight.

War Eagle!