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Sunday Evening sAUsage

Some solid predictions rolling in for Auburn...

Julie Bennett

Yesterday was Fan Day on the Plains, giving the Auburn family a chance to meet the current and future stars of the football program at the Auburn indoor facility. When I was younger, meeting a coach or a player was one of the biggest thrills I could have, so Fan Day is always a fun time.

As for something a bit more serious, there’s already been a lot of talk about Auburn this year and the fact that the Tigers may be set up for some pretty good success. We usually like when Auburn’s underrated, but eventually you’ve got to find a way to live up to the expectations when they’re given.

Well, they’ve being given right now.

We’ll give you the skinny from that article -- Mel picks Auburn, Washington, Ohio State, and Florida State to go to the playoff, with the Huskies coming out on top. It’s an interesting pick for sure.

For a little more analysis, broad strokes if you will, College Football News has given its short preview on Auburn and essentially says that the Tigers are the only team that compete with Alabama. Again, there are the expectations.

Something that should bode well in the meeting-expectations game is the fact that for the first time in a couple years, Auburn hasn’t endured a critical injury during the preseason (knock on wood), and the bumps it has encountered haven’t been anything to really fret over.

The little scrapes even provided an opportunity to give younger guys a bit of an extended look in scrimmages and practices, which only helps out with depth and the case for playing time.

If you check that link, they talk a good bit about Marlon Davidson’s injury and how it’s allowed Nick Coe more snaps in practice, but what about other defensive ends? Paul James III was the MVP of A-Day on defense, and he should end up having a good role this fall on the line.

And in case you were unsure, even in the NFL, everyone wants to be just like Auburn.

Final two weeks before kickoff, people. Buckle up! War Eagle.