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10 Days Until Kickoff

Fans outside the stadium, the official Jordan-Hare time is...

We’re on the last of our double-digit days until kickoff, with tomorrow sending us into the quick countdown of single-digits. It’ll be here very quickly, so buckle up!

2004 - Auburn 10, LSU 9

We touched on this game just a couple days ago when we covered 2004, but this was absolutely the turning point in Auburn’s undefeated season. The Tigers met the Tigers after Hurricane Ivan rolled through the state of Alabama and left thousands without power for days (I watched the game at my grandfather’s house since his neighborhood had buried power lines), but the day of the game dawned warm and bright as the weather had been sucked out as the hurricane swept away.

LSU took its opening drive of the game for a touchdown, but they missed the extra point. After Auburn notched a field goal, LSU added one of its own to take a 9-3 lead. For nearly three quarters after that, nobody scored until the final minutes.

Auburn started a last-ditch drive with a little over six minutes to play, and methodically metriculated down the field. Ronnie Brown took a toss and sent Marcus Spears into the air with a strong stiffarm on one play, but Auburn still found itself facing a fourth down just inside the LSU 30.

The Tigers converted and scored the go-ahead touchdown three plays later. Junior Rosegreen intercepted a Jamarcus Russell pass shortly thereafter to seal the win.

1989 - Auburn 10, Florida 7

Just like the previous game, Auburn had been able to score just a field goal at home in a crucial SEC clash. Facing another fourth down in the final minute against Florida, Auburn wide receiver Shayne Wasden went to the huddle to tell quarterback Reggie Slack that he’d been left alone as he headed downfield on third down. He knew he’d be open again on fourth down. He was.

Emmitt Smith cried, and the Tigers ran on to their third straight SEC Championship.

1971 - Auburn 10, Tennessee 9

Back in Pat Sullivan’s senior year, the Tigers headed to Knoxville to play the Volunteers in a top ten matchup. It wasn’t the most offensively-oriented game, but the Tigers had to come from behind to beat the Vols and kickstart Sullivan’s Heisman campaign. It was Georgia that actually won it for him at the end of the year.

That’s the coaches’ film of the game courtesy of The War Eagle Reader. Technicolor madness!

1963 - Auburn 10, Alabama 8

Auburn met Alabama in a huge matchup as Bear Bryant had gotten his machine rolling in Tuscaloosa, but in 1963, it was Shug’s boys who got the last laugh.

The Tigers had two legendary players on the Plains — Jimmy Sidle, 1963’s SEC Player of the Year and Tucker Frederickson, future top overall NFL Draft pick — and had lost just once heading into the Iron Bowl against Alabama.

Look at that, both teams wore home jerseys at Legion Field. I wouldn’t mind seeing that brought back someday.

Anyway, Sidle got injured early in the game and Mailon Kent came in to play quarterback in relief. As Auburn trailed 8-3 late in the game, Kent completed the game-winning touchdown pass to Tucker Frederickson and the Tigers won by two to break Bama’s four-game winning streak in the series. It was Auburn’s last win against Alabama until 1969 and Pat Sullivan’s sophomore year.

10 Years Ago - 2007

I would write another entire post about the sizzling insanity of 2007 as a whole, but since we already did that about a month ago, you can revisit the epic tome that was Tuberville’s next-to-last team.

It’s down to single digits in the Countdown tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Coming Up: Farewell, Tubs