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Post-Practice Presser: Game Week Eve

Chip Lindsey meets with the media

Shanna Lockwood - OA News

Auburn practiced today and Chip Lindsey has just met with the media after the final run-through before actual game week dawns bright and promising tomorrow morning.

The Tigers will get into their usual routine tomorrow as they prepare for Georgia Southern and that triple option offense. On the offensive side, things may be a little easier for Auburn, as the Eagles have been susceptible to big plays, which the Tigers should be chock full of this season.

As for Mr. Lindsey, read below:

After Lindsey met with the media, Jarrett Stidham took the podium as well leading up to his first game with in almost two years. How was his demeanor?

We’ve talked a bunch about Stidham’s absence from the field — and how he’s got to be absolutely ready to play. Most of that absence has been through no fault of his own, either, what with the injuries and then the scandal at Baylor. Who’s got money on his first throw being a bit overthrown on Saturday as he works out the nerves?

In an ensuing quote, Stidham named Tommy Boy and Road House as two of his favorites. I would LOVE to hear how those might play into the motivational factor for Saturdays.

If this quarterbacking thing doesn’t work out for him, Stidham may be able to take over for this guy in the future...

That’s enough for tonight. Until tomorrow, War Eagle!