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The Official Unofficial College and Mag Survival Pool

Pick a team, any team!

61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This season at College and Mag, we’re going to play a little game. Some of you may have seen something like this before, some of you may not have. It’s okay, I’ll explain the rules.

In the pro football world, there is something called a survivor pool. The general gist is that each week, everyone picks a team they think will win their game. If they are correct, they move on to the next week, but if they are wrong, they are done. The game continues until there is only one person left (hence, survivor) who has picked a game correctly every week. The catch? Once you pick a team to win, you cannot pick that team any more the rest of the year. So for example, if I picked Auburn to win in week 1, I would not be able to pick Auburn in any future weeks.

Does it sound fun? I hope so! We will begin with this week, and continue on until only one person remains. The pool will be open to all of the staff and all of you readers, so I’m hoping we get a big following. For now, we will take your picks in the comments section. I’ll post a reminder article Friday afternoon or so to get your picks in if you haven’t already. As far as a prize goes, we haven’t officially worked anything out yet, but we will do something. Maybe $180,000?

Anyways, here’s the official rules. I’ll leave the strategies up to y’all, I’m curious to see what everyone comes up with.


  1. Starting in Week 1, each participant must pick one team to win their game that week. If the participant’s pick wins, the participant will advance to next week. If the participant’s pick loses, the participant will be eliminated. Participants not submitting a pick will be eliminated.
  2. The only teams eligible to be picked are SEC teams. There are 14 teams and 13 weeks in the season, so once a participant picks a team, they may NOT pick said team again.
  3. Games in which an SEC team is playing an FCS team are NOT eligible to be picked. If the opponent is in the FBS but is not in a Power 5 conference, the game is still eligible.
  4. If a participant gets to a week where no eligible teams to be picked, they will be eliminated. This potentially could happen if there is a bad mixture of byes and FCS opponents late in the season, so be careful to avoid said situations.
  5. Picks should be submitted in the comment section of the weekly Survival Pool post.
  6. Picks are due before kickoff of the game that is being picked. If the game is Thursday or Monday, it doesn’t matter, so long as I see the comment submitted before kickoff of said game.
  7. The last participant left that has picked a winning team every week will be declared the most awesome of all the College and Magnolia community.

Any questions? Please let me know! I’m hoping this will be as much fun as I think it will be.

Eligible Games to be Picked in Week 1

Eligible Teams in Italics


NCST vs South Carolina in Charlotte, NC

Michigan vs Florida in Dallas, TX

Kentucky at Southern Miss

App State at UGA

South Alabama at Ole Miss

Georgia Southern at Auburn

FSU vs Alabama in Atlata, GA

Vanderbilt at MTSU

BYU vs LSU in ??? (I would advise you not to pick this game until it gets settled. It was supposed to be in Houston, but with the hurricane it is up in the air)


Texas A&M at UCLA


Tennessee vs Georgia Tech in Atlanta