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Link sAUsage: Game Week Moves On

August 29, 2017

*Four* days until kickoff, my friends. 2017 should be a different and exciting year for many reasons, and we’ll see if things start to come to fruition on Saturday as Auburn welcomes Georgia Southern.

As for that game, why don’t you read a prediction? We have predictions? It’s game week, of course.

The above prediction basically says that Auburn rolls handily... how you say? On the back of the offensive machine led by Chip Lindsey.

We know about Jarrett Stidham, but Auburn’s going to have some big play guys capable of doing things once Stidham gets them the ball. Our old friend Kyle Davis is on of them, and after a trying spring, he’s back to his old self.

Mentoring Davis and the other wideouts are the old guys in the receiving corps, who really aren’t that old at all.

Lots on the receivers today with those links, but how about our old friend Daniel Carlson? We’ve posted many of the senior spotlights that the University has put out on Twitter, and now it’s the All-American kicker’s turn!

And with the announcement of a new student section DJ, we now know who that DJ is going to be. As long as he still plays It’s Goin’ Down as much as possible, he’ll do fine.

More coming, War Eagle!