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Link sAUsage: Three Days of Practice Down

August 3, 2017

We’re three days into fall practice, and things have sounded pretty smooth. Today, the team gets its first day off, and we won’t have media availability from the coaches or players until Saturday, when the Tigers go full pads for the first time.

As for the news of the day, it’s heavily football-centered.

Last night we posted our thoughts on Chip Lindsey’s visit with the media after practice, but we begin today with some of the defensive guys, namely one of Auburn’s super sophomores in Marlon Davidson.

Interesting that Davidson is being touted as a leader, but after what he showed as a true freshman it’s not all that surprising. He will be sporting some different gear this year as well in the form of a protective brace on his left elbow.

Speaking of other gear, the Tigers have been getting high-tech at practice so far this fall, as ESPN’s Holly Rowe was on hand to find out.

Turning the page to the offense, we get a look at Kam Pettway’s individual goal for this year. Nothing big. Should be doable.

We mentioned that today’s the first day without practice, but if you want to win, you gotta fuel like a winner, so Auburn’s players won’t be fully stepping away from football today.

A ton of the off-the-field work that will take place today will center around Chip Lindsey trying to clean things up from the first three practices. We’ve heard that Jarrett Stidham might be the most important player in the SEC going forward, but there’s also talk about the most important coordinator being Mr. Lindsey himself.

The season’s rapidly approaching, so get hyped. Here’s a video to help.

Awful Announcing took the time to predict the location of College Gameday each week, and Auburn’s got one entry on the list with several other possibilities.

And finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the passing of former Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian. He beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl after the 1973 season, so he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

Until tomorrow, War Eagle!