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Link sAUsage: Deep in the Depth Chart

August 30, 2017

Todd Van Emst - Auburn Athletics

Yesterday, Auburn released its depth chart for the opener against Georgia Southern. There weren’t really many surprises, or any at all, and it looks like a very solid group on both sides of the ball.

Gus Malzahn did meet with the media, though, to talk about some of the specifics.

One of the big mysteries in the offseason was the status of our third string running back. Outsiders might think that third string has little bearing on the position, but Auburn suffered some injuries in 2016 that really hurt, so every position’s important.

Oh, it’s Kam Martin.

One of the actual surprises was our other kickoff returner. Kerryon Johnson held one of the spots last year, and he’s done so this year as well. Now, he’ll be joined by Auburn’s fastest player.

And the biggest unknown in the offseason was how the offensive line battle would shake out. We knew the players and which roles they were most acclimated to, but the proper combination eluded us. It’ll shake out Wanogho, Horton, Golson, Smith, James from left to right, with quality backups everywhere.

As for the status of the roster, it’s different than in the past few years. No one is suspended, no one of consequence is injured, and everyone’s ready to play for Georgia Southern.

In other news, check out this focus on what Chip Lindsey’s presence on the sideline will mean for Auburn.

AND, get in on the action by being a part of Tiger Talk, which airs this Thursday ahead of the GSU game. Gus may actually take your question!

Finally, we’re an Ag school, right? Then we can get amped about some sweet field prep videos.

Much more coming, War Eagle!