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Link sAUsage: Unexpected Starter

August 31, 2017

Tomorrow is September, which means tomorrow is football month. Yes, games begin tonight, but for Auburn, it’s September that we’ve all been waiting for.

Want to get amped a bit?

To get you ready for tailgating at our first home game on Saturday, here’s a nifty little guide to where you might land around campus depending on your lot in life.

And for a whimsical preview of the Tigers’ roster this season, check out this perfectly weird article from the War Eagle Reader.

For a good portion of the depth chart, Saturday will be their first time to walk out of the tunnel in the South end zone and into a frothing Jordan-Hare Stadium. Gus did put a ton of freshmen on the depth chart, and we know we’ll see a good many of them play, so it will definitely be their debut in one of the best home atmospheres in college football.

It’s time for another senior spotlight, and today it comes with Stephen Roberts — a local guy! Roberts has locked down starter spots at safety and punt returner, and he’ll be an important leader for the Tigers in the back end.

As for some news, Kevin Steele met with the media last night and told us that we’re going to have a surprise starter on defense. Due to Marlon Davidson’s fall camp bump, he’s not totally back in football conditioning shape, and that just opens the door for Nick “Greek God” Coe to start in his place.

And if anyone had any doubt about how the offense will run this season, just listen to one of our most outgoing players from last night’s appearance on the SEC Network.

The full Tiger team will be there at 6:30 CST Saturday night as they take on Georgia Southern. War Eagle.