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Link sAUsage: the 1st Rankings of the Year

August 4, 2017

29 days until Auburn football. We’re inching ever so close to game week, when the RVs will start to dot the landscape and (hopefully) that fall nip pervades the air on that one random morning when you let the dog out.

We had some big news drop yesterday — the Coaches Poll was released. Check it out.

Auburn’s #13 in the rankings, just behind LSU, two spots ahead of Georgia, and one of six SEC teams in the poll. You-know-who is number one again.

As for the action back on the Plains, it’s time for another senior spotlight, this time featuring another offensive lineman...

And if you check in here later today, we’ll continue our position-by-position previews. But if you want a spoiler about which group we’ll check out today, here it is.

We’ve still got to talk quarterbacks as well, but one thing that’s nice to see is Chip Lindsey’s assessment of Sean White. Obviously he and Jarrett Stidham are on equal footing with the new offense, but White’s big problem last year stemmed from the injuries he sustained. Maybe this will help...

In the other backfield battle, it’s pretty evident who’ll get the majority of the carrier at running back, but it’s who’s going to be filling that third or fourth spot that’s yet to be decided.

And finally, as we come full circle to the Coaches Poll revelation from yesterday afternoon, what’s pushed Auburn into the top fifteen? According to one writer, it’s “blind faith”.

Auburn goes full pads for the first time tomorrow, and Gus Malzahn meets with the media as well! We’ve got more of our countdown set to come before then, however, and another couple of looks at other position groups around the team. Football is nigh! War Eagle!