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Link sAUsage: Sunday Morning Unload

August 6, 2017

Wade Rackley

Auburn’s now in the thick of it, no turning back now. We’ve gone full pads.

In addition to summer graduation yesterday, it was a big day on the Plains.

Let’s start with the scuttlebutt from the practice fields, though, as Auburn went through the first full-suited run-through of the fall. Practicing in the stadium yesterday, Gus Malzahn appropriately said “it just means more,” but the first day in pads may have left a couple questions unanswered.

First, the offensive line. We know that Malzahn wants some starters to separate themselves about two weeks into practice, and thankfully Auburn’s got a wealth of talent in certain areas, particularly the offensive line.

And you can’t count out the linebackers as well! With the Williamses and Deshaun Davis back there, Auburn’s got a good crop of experienced guys, but the youngins that were signed back in February aren’t coming in to ride the pine.

Go even further, and the same can be said for the running backs, who have dual-1,000-yard capability this season.

However, the one area (that you really hope you never need to use) that hasn’t shown signs of being shored up is the punter position. Ian Shannon is supposed to be the guy, but through the first couple of practices, Daniel Carlson took reps booting it away as well. That’s concerning at this point. Gus thinks so too...

Auburn will scrimmage on Monday, after they spent a lot of work on red zone opportunities yesterday (definitely needed after last year). After the first scrimmage you’ll always get some good nuggets and anonymous “long touchdown passes,” so we’ll pass along any information and thoughts we’ve got on that.

As for some good Sunday morning reading, get your numbers-game up and check out StatTiger’s latest column about the tweaks on the Auburn offense for this season.

And get hype for Auburn soccer! After a historic year last season, the Tigers will begin 2017 with a pretty solid spot in the polls. Both football teams on campus will start in the top fifteen!

Until later, War Eagle!