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Link sAUsage: We Talkin’ About Practice

August 7, 2017

Herb’s got a hand on the offensive line.

26 days from now we’ll all be enjoying the splendor of an Auburn Football gameday. As it stands now, we are languishing in the tiny tidbits leaking from practices and what we can glean from Gus Malzahn at the podium every few days. That said, things on the practice fields seem alright in most areas, with coaches discussing depth and how fiery the young guys are.

In one particular area, however, we’re looking at a (hopefully seldomly-used) position that hasn’t seen anyone take it by the neck and stamp their mark on it. That’s the punter spot, and it leads off today as the Tigers get ready to scrimmage for the first time this fall.

On another note, a guy that splashed onto the scene last season with his one-handed catch against Arkansas State was Kyle Davis. He was a part of that stellar receiver recruiting class from 2016, but he missed the spring due to some personal issues.

Ain’t a problem anymore. He’s back and drawing plenty of praise.

As for that scrimmage that’s set for today, we’ll hear plenty about it later this evening, but to set it up, several position battles will take more shape today and they plan to run a ton of plays. It’s a good thing that we haven’t heard about “arm soreness” yet from any of the quarterbacks like we used to hear every fall from the Tuberville camp about Brandon Cox.

In other news, over the weekend, a bunch of Auburn football lettermen were invited back to campus to hang around and check out practice.

And a favorite former Tiger has found his way to another NFL roster!

And check out this assessment from Fox’s Joel Klatt... I think the #13 ranking surprised plenty of people when the Coach’s Poll came out last week, and I saw plenty of “No! Don’t rank us high!” reactions on Twitter. Maybe Klatt’s right, let’s wait and see.

As for Bruce Pearl and his guys, they’re gearing up for basketball season in a very foreign way -- by going to Italy!

If you’re bored at work, you can surreptitiously listen to great old Auburn games on the Auburn TuneIn channel, and today’s got a reptilian theme to it. Dive right in!

Until later, see ya later alligator.