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Fall Practice #7: Afterthoughts

Offensive line shakeups, and more punting!

Things are pretty tight-lipped out of practice on the Plains these days, and they’re about to get tighter. Today was the last day that there will be a media viewing window at Auburn’s practice, so we’ll have to rely on word of mouth from this point forward.

That said, here’s what we know from today’s practice.

That look on Gus’ face. “You mean to tell me ain’t no guys here who can kick the ball?”

Reportedly, he watched the punters almost exclusively early on, and we hope Ian Shannon can take the reins and grab the starting slot. We don’t want to have to have Daniel Carlson get into harm’s way on a punt. That said, we’ll watch him kick just about anything.

The offensive line shuffled around a bit, with a change at left tackle. That spot was filled by...

Also, the offensive line went Wanogho, Horton, Golson, Smith, James from left to right. Braden Smith will almost assuredly be the right tackle once the season begins, but it’s interesting to see Herb Hand tweaking some things early on. Wonder if it’s just to get the juices flowing or to throw off the media that got to view the twenty-minute window. Or maybe Auburn’s just got some good depth and they’re trying every possible combination to find the best fits.

Another absence aside from Marlon Davidson and Andrew Williams (T.D. Moultry returned to practice today), was freshman offensive lineman Calvin Ashley... not sure why he wasn’t dressed out.

And if you’d like to see our quarterbacks before they go into the bubble, here’s your last shot.

Godspeed, gentlemen. Not much out of practice today, so until we get more, War Eagle.