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Staff Picks: Auburn vs Georgia Southern

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Todd Van Emst - OA News

Auburn plays Georgia Southern tomorrow night on the Plains in the 2017 season opener. There are a ton of different thoughts on this game, but the prevailing notion is that Auburn should end up winning a pretty easy ballgame.

What do the contributors here at College and Magnolia think?

Ryan Sterritt

Give me Auburn 34, Georgia Southern 14

In Gus's four seasons at Auburn, have we ever *really* blown anyone out in an opener? The biggest win was the 45-21 win over Arkansas in 2014, but that was with Jeremy Johnson being Heisman contender level in the first half. I really don't think we will be showing anything crazy against the Eagles and we shouldn't need to, but I do think our run game should be clicking like it was with a healthy Pettway/Kerryon last year.

I have no idea what the Southern offense will look like, since they are supposedly going back to more triple option and they're starting a redshirt freshman at quarterback. I wouldn't be surprised by them driving a few times early, but they just don't have the horses to finish drives or play the whole game tight against Auburn. On the plus side, it should be a fairly quick game with both teams running the ball a lot, so we should be able to see the end of the other primetime games before bed Saturday.

Son of Crow

This is the layover in Lisbon that you noticed after booking your ticket to Europe. Is an hour and a half going to be enough time? Oh man, I don’t speak any Portuguese. That’s a bit like Spanish right? I wasn’t very good in Spanish and if we have to do security or whatever I am not sure we will have enough time! Relax. That airport is easy. An hour and a half is a breeze in Lisbon. Even if the passport control line is long, it moves incredibly fast. This game will be the one that allows Auburn fans who always seem to get worked up over season-openers a chance to relax. Auburn 42, GSU 17

James Jones

Auburn 37, GS 17

A little closer than some might like, but I think we let Stidham air it out early then reign it in to save something for Clemson.

Jared Robertson

First game of the season and people picking it close? Pssssh, no better time to Barn hard than before you know if we suck or not. Auburn 69, GSU 0. Nice.

Dusty Miller

I'm all for barning hard. It's really the best way to barn. However, in the past, the Auburn preseason hype train has closely resembled a train across Tanzania with its propensity to derail. I'm trying really hard to barn responsibly here.

With Cousin Clem coming up, I think Auburn stays pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball. The defense will need to adjust to whatever the GSU offense will look like this year. LB play should be a strength and will have to be solid this week. I think defense settles in after the first quarter. Offense should be run heavy and pass just enough to get Stidham settled with the environment before Clemson.

Let the Legatron Heisman campaign begin.

43-17 Tigers.

Dr. Z

This one shouldn't be close, but expect everyone to be a little frustrated by the way Ga Southern moves the ball on us early with the triple option.

Stidham goes off early, as AU has its way on offense.

Auburn 56, Early Season Cupcakes 13


Auburn really has no idea what Georgia Southern's offense is going to look like. Their new offensive coordinator came from Georgia Tech. Auburn is breaking down eight year old film from his stint at Cal Poly because we might see literally any sort of option or spread option look. It could take a half for Auburn to make the adjustments needed to consistently stop them. This could be especially critical if Georgia Southern is able to eat clock and shorten the game.

Auburn's offense should do very well against Southern, even if we don't open up the entire playbook. Auburn should put it out of reach early in the fourth.

Auburn 45, Georgia Southern 20.

Peggy Rossmanith

I don't think Gus shows any more than necessary to beat Gouthern and our defense struggles early with the triple option but settles in after the half. Auburn 42, GSU 19.

***Editor’s note: Don’t know if Peggy meant to type “Gouthern” but I like it and it’s staying.

Philip Arnold

Solid win for the Tigers to start the season. 35 Auburn - GSU 17

Emily Rios

I think this game looks ugly for 2.5 quarters before Auburn pulls away. Auburn 35 GSU 20

Robert Irwin

​I have Auburn winning 10 games this year + the bowl game. They'll win each of those games 38-17. Weagle.

Jack Condon

It’s really hard for me to believe that we’re going to have one of those classic clunker games against a lower-tier opponent with the talent we’ve got on the field on both sides of the ball, but it is Gus Malzahn.

I think the offense gets limited opportunities in the first half, but scores on each possession, leading 24-7 at halftime. In the second half, the defense catches on and stuff the GSU run game, and a quick score makesit 31-7 and opens the floodgates. Auburn wins 49-10 and looks good.

War Eagle!