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Link sAUsage: Final Day of our Long National Nightmare

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September 1, 2017

Kickoff is tomorrow. Yes, other teams have played games. Some teams (FAMU) have played two games... what’s up with that? It’s like they want their season to be over before November even rolls around. It’s crazy.

For Auburn, we’ve reached the end of the line as far as wishing and hoping and waiting goes. If you wake up tomorrow, you’ve made it through another offseason, and for this edition of the Auburn Football Tigers, it’s been relatively quiet. No big injuries, no big legal issues, no coaching turmoil, rumors have been quiet all spring and summer, and now it’s finally time to lace ‘em up and play.

Everyone’s been practicing, even the pregame participants.

Last night was Tiger Talk, so we’ll run down some of the main points that Gus Malzahn noted on the show.

And while the hype seems to be in a high place this offseason, it’s more of a quiet and confident type of expectation, which is what we saw in 2004 and 2010. It’ll need to hit, because Gus can’t stand another average year.

We’ve got a couple of NFL notes as well for you as we reach the final week without pro football. In Houston, former Auburn fullback Jay Prosch has had his value realized...

And in Charlotte, former Auburn players named Cam are likely to do well.

With Jonathan Stewart’s career probably winding down, CAP should be able to get more carries from the true tailback spot as he and Christian McCaffrey work their way into a more permanent role on the offense.

Hey, Auburn football starts tomorrow. Get lit as the kids say. War Eagle.