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Link sAUsage: Tuesday Has No Feel

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September 12, 2017

Mike Erhmann - Getty Images

Like Newman once told Kramer and Jerry while sitting on a stakeout as they tried to learn more about why Jerry’s accountant was sniffing so much, “Tuesday has no feel.”

It’s true. You’re not to the midway point of the week, so Tuesday doesn’t have that distinct feeling of a Monday when you head back to work, or that Wednesday when you finally see the beacon of shining hope leading into the weekend again.

Tuesday is just kind of here.

And that’s magnified after a loss.

At this point, everyone is talking about Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, and the unstoppable evil machine across the state, and Auburn could’ve been in the discussion had they played about this [] much better on offense. The Tigers would’ve likely vaulted into the top six or so by beating Clemson, but now the margin for error has been erased, while the evidence of errors still remain on offense.

Now, Auburn gets to play Mercer in what will be an obvious win. We’ll try to work on things, like extending the passing game downfield and getting Jarrett Stidham back into the rhythm he had at Baylor. Then it’s off for our second FBS game in a row against a Tiger team — this one black and gold — as Auburn visits Missouri. In the only meeting between these two as members of the SEC, you remember what happened. Auburn put a 50-burger on Gary Pinkel and won the SEC Championship 59-42 behind Tre Mason’s 304 rushing yards. It was a pretty cool day.

And that leads into our first news item of the morning. We have a kickoff time in CoMo. Maybe.

So... two different time slots and three possible channels are all in play for Auburn @ Missouri on September 23rd, and is it just me, or is the SEC slate really dull so far? Tennessee-Florida this weekend will be fun as always, but it’s another who’s who of paycheck opponents. Then next week, Alabama and Vanderbilt is the CBS game. You know that means there’s very little else and the network is trying to get Vandy before the wheels come off.

For those of us (everyone) still wandering lost after the defeat at Clemson, this week’s Cavalcade of Whimsy puts it in perspective.

Someone had to lose. (Watch out for the loud auto-play video).

And there’s a new and very interesting way to see how your team has fared this year. College Football Imperialism Map. That’s right. You can see who the Lord Nelsons and Attilas and Genghises of the college football world are by checking this map out.

I guess that makes Auburn Jericho or something, since the walls definitely came tumbling down.

Stay tuned to the site later, we’ll have a look at how all of our former Tigers did over the weekend in the NFL, another View from the Booth as Brad Law revisits with thoughts from Clemson, and we’ll have Gus Malzahn’s presser as well once that happens later today.

Until then, War Eagle.