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The Official Unofficial College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - Week 3

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Mississippi State won, so there’s that

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon, Tiger fans! Sorry for getting this out to you a bit late, but I’ve been hunkered down in Atlanta since after the game Saturday and have been without power since.

This week, we say goodbye to six of our comrades. Unfortunately, two of you (Straw_Man and Wargle) picked Auburn and four of you (adn310, BnJammn, Dholt83, and Kotov Syndrome) did not enter a pick, at least not that I saw. If you believe I missed something, let me know. If not... your tribe has spoken.

Luckily, Mississippi State beat up on Louisiana Tech 57-21, so most of the rest of us will live to fight another day. Let’s take a look at this week’s games.

Saturday, September 16

11:00 AM CT

Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1) at Texas A&M (1-1)

2:30 PM CT

#23 Tennessee (2-0) at #24 Florida (0-1)

3:00 PM CT

Purdue (1-1) at Missouri (1-1)

6:00 PM CT

Colorado State (2-1) at #1 Alabama (2-0)

#12 LSU (2-0) at Mississippi State (2-0)

6:30 PM CT

#18 Kansas State (2-0) at Vanderbilt (2-0)

Kentucky (2-0) at South Carolina (2-0)

9:30 PM CT

Ole Miss (2-0) at California (2-0)

So there you go, we have eight games and eleven teams to chose from. Happy picking!