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Link sAUsage: At Least We Can Always Make Fun of Alabama

September 13, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Clemson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still talking about Clemson on the Plains. Obviously. It was a harrowing experience that raised more questions than it answered.

What did we learn? Our defense is elite. Bar none.

What else? Our offense has a long way to go. That was the majority of the press conference with Gus Malzahn yesterday.

Before we lament the fact that Gus might not understand how we feel with the terrible finish to the offense last year and how it hasn’t shaped up yet with so many changes, I think he’s probably the most understanding, since, you know, his job is on the line.

What can help the offense out? Well, the passing game is the obvious answer. Specifically, stretching the field. Seriously, it sounds exactly like the problems we had with Tuberville at times. We’ve got dudes who can do that, they just haven’t been featured yet.

Thank heavens we’ve got Mercer this week, since once again our offensive stars are banged up a bit.

We’ll obviously work on a bunch this Saturday, but the results won’t be clear due to the opponent. At least on offense. If Mercer gets a sack in the first half, you may hear the DREADED BOO-BIRDS in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

On defense, we’ve got some guys. Lots. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, twenty guys. On the flip side, if Mercer scores in the first three quarters, I’ll be very disappointed.

One of those guys is Jeremiah Dinson, who we were all excited to see after he missed most of the last two years thanks to Ricky Seals-Jones. Dinson had a fantastic time Saturday night.

And our most wealthy alum had himself an announcement yesterday with another iPhone coming out. Who’d he enlist for the big reveal? 1990s era Terry Bowden Auburn home uniforms, duh.

War Eagle.

Oh. One more thing. The people across the state just don’t deserve the football success they’ve enjoyed lately. Case in point.

Good Lord.