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Link sAUsage: Defensive Individuals/2 Chainz

September 14, 2017

Jason Caldwell

Before we get started, it’s imperative that you all know about the upcoming UPC concert in Auburn next week.

Just check out the details.

2 Chainz is still cool, right? I hope so.

On to football.

We’ve got something on pretty much the entire secondary today, and we begin with Jeremiah Dinson. Yesterday we showed that he made PFF’s College Defense of the Week with a stellar grade in the Clemson game, so here’s a little more on the Auburn defensive back.

I love the quote headlining this next article. It’s pretty much how we should feel right now. What if we see Clemson again later in the year? It’s not out of the realm of possibility, if Gus’ offense gets rolling and the defense keeps playing like it has.

Despite only allowing 285 yards and 14 points in the loss after getting no support from the offense, one Auburn defender still thinks he could’ve done more.

And another defensive back headlines our look at who might be limited for the game this weekend.

As we start to peek ahead at basketball, you can now see exactly where to find all of the games this season!

And looking way ahead to 2018, Auburn baseball should get a good boost with one of the best recruiting classes in the country, led by a couple guys who decided to forego MLB Draft possibilities.

That’s all for now. No Mercer this weekend. War Eagle!